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Senior Researcher, Systems and Software Division
Individual Contributor
Information Technology
Mountain View, CA


Connected cars are emerging as a ground for cutting-edge technologies in the automotive industry. Communication between cars, other edge devices, and the cloud has the potential to support brand-new mobility services and sophisticated new technologies, e.g., advanced information sharing, coordinated autonomous systems, highly distributed control systems, etc.
With the advent of this new technology trend, a high demand for quality assurance of software-centric connected systems arises. Toyota InfoTechnology Center, Systems and Software Division is conducting research projects including high-assurance connected software architecture, dependable connected software platform, system assurance, model-based design and certification.
We are seeking talented candidates for a Senior Researcher involving full-time research on high-assurance connected software architecture and advanced analytics based on modeling & monitoring of connected cars.


  • Research on High-Assurance Connected Software Architecture including:
    • Contract-based Architecture, contract-based design, formal contract languages;
    • Automatic formal verification;
    • Runtime verification and runtime monitoring, verification, and recovery;
    • Contract-based safety and security analysis;
    • Contract negotiation;
    • Correctness-by-construction and design-by-contract.
  • Research on Advanced Analytics Based on Modeling & Monitoring of Connected Cars including:
    • Parametric system modeling & parameter estimation
    • Context modeling of connected vehicles and human drivers
    • Multi-fidelity modeling 
    • Digital Twin service architecture 


  • Ph. D in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, or related field.
  • 5+ years of research experience in formal verification and model-based design. Industry Experience working in a corporate lab setting with a proven track record of cross-functional collaboration and achievements is a plus.
  • Proficiency in formal verification tools, e.g., theorem prover tools, model checking tools, etc.
  • Knowledge of system modeling, formal analysis and parameter estimation.  
  • Knowledge of computer systems, embedded systems, and systems and software engineering.
  • Knowledge of programming and scripting languages, e.g., Java, Python, etc.
  • Excellent research prototype development skills.
  • Ability to lead a research project, e.g.,  planning, reporting, and managing time / team / outside collaborators.
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.

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