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Software Research Engineer
Individual Contributor
Palo Alto, CA

Job Description & Qualifications: Part of the Research and Advanced Engineering group, work with technology new to the automotive industry and help set the direction for the company when innovating on new products and services. Client has a strong emphasis on software and services that will help create the experiences and features that will differentiate them in the coming decades. Their Software Research team is building a new and innovative platform for connected vehicles. For this endeavor, they want to build a containerization application from the ground up that can handle runtime prioritization of partitioned services and workloads in the connected vehicle.
We are looking for a senior level Software Engineer with a wide range of technical domain specific expertise such as: Multithreading, OS (Linux/QNX) fundamentals, microservices and containerization (Docker/Kubernetes), Security such as sandboxing.
Responsibilities Include:
∙ Define and implement a new software framework for data collection and process controls on Driver Assistance features in the connected vehicle.
∙ Write and deploy microservices architecture and help existing staff on current modules plan their conversion to the new architecture.
∙ Implement prototype software on prototype hardware.
∙ Follow the full design life cycle process including subsystem requirements specification, design activities, code reviews and creating corresponding artifacts.
∙ Work closely with cross-functional teams across multiple locations to coordinate engineering the system solutions
Skills Required:
∙ 3+ years programming experience with Linux/Unix or other POSIX OS
∙ 3+ years’ experience with low level software/OS subsystems and how they interact both at user and kernel level
Skills Preferred:
∙ Programming experience with QNX
∙ Understanding of virtualization and sandboxing like Virtual Box, VMWare ESXi, Qemu/KVM
∙ Development experience with service-oriented architectures (SOA) /microservices
Education Required:
∙ BA/BS degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering
Education Preferred:
∙ Master’s Degree in Computer Science or Computer engineering

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